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Meet Our Bilingual Librarian

Spanish Speaker

Katy Walker Photo

Katy Walker   -   Hablo Español

Katy offers library consultation appointments in Spanish. 

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Katy is the reference and instruction librarian at the Edwards campus. She has B.A degree in Modern Languages (Spanish) from NMSU and her Master’s in Library and information science from University of Denver. Katy loves to play boardgames and occasionally video games, she enjoys watching films and going to art museums. Her favorite films tend to black and white and her favorite art museum is the Met.  She enjoys reading fiction and occasionally non-fiction. 

Meet Your Local Campus Librarians

Beginning Spanish Speaker

Jonathan Beam Photo

Jonathan Beam

Jonathan is the Instructional Reference Librarian at the Steamboat Campus.  He has a B.A. in European History, with a writing minor, and a Masters in Library and Information Studies.  Jonathan is an ardent reader of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and graphic novels; a writer in search of motivation; and an avid hiker and sports-ball person.

ESL Supporting Librarians with Very Little Spanish!

Erica Knapp Photo

Erica Knapp

Erica is the newest Instructional Reference Librarian at CMC and is based at the Spring Valley campus. She has a Master's degree in Library and Information Science, a Graduate Certificate in Book Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts in History, with a Military History concentration. Erica is an avid supporter of the Oxford comma, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and the University of Iowa Hawkeyes. In her free time, Erica enjoys reading young adult and fantasy books, being outside, and astounding others with her memory recall of obscure things.

When we think of "information literacy", it sounds a lot like a "school word"- something that we only use in the context of academia. The reality is, this skill is necessary in every aspect of our lives. The amount of information that we view and process each day is staggering, which makes it even more important that everyone is able to form their own conclusions about what they see. Working with all participants in the learning process, I endeavor to ensure that students understand and internalize the ability to evaluate the information in front of them- no matter the application.