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New Faculty Orientation

Instruction & Research Assistance

CMC librarians offer a variety of research instruction and assistance services, face-to-face and online. Students are encouraged to connect with a librarian to discuss their research assignments.

Instructional services

  • In-class presentations
  • Online tutorials
  • Advice on availability of library materials
  • Team-teaching research section as an embedded librarian
  • Assistance in developing engaging research assignments

Connect with a librarian

  • in-person
  • email
  • WebEx or Zoom
  • 24/7 chat
  • phone

Course Guides

Course Guides

  • Guide students to the most relevant library collections available for your discipline
  • Offer tutorials to prepare students for their research projects and help fulfill your assignment requirements

Request a course guide or a Canvas module by contacting your campus librarian.

Information Literacy Learning Outcomes

“The Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education grows out of a belief that information literacy as an educational reform movement will realize its potential only through a richer, more complex set of core ideas”.

Information Literacy Statistics

Infographic: Information Literacy is it part of your classroom?
Infographic: Information Literacy what skills do your students bring?