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Best Practices for Linking to Online Library Materials

Providing links to direct students to specific library materials is a great strategy. It ensures that you are complying with the copyright policy while pointing students to resources you would like them to access. However, when copying library URLs you have to be careful to make sure the links are stable. In many cases, copying the URL directly from the web browser address bar is not going to create a reliable link. EBSCO Discovery portal offers an easy and reliable option for directing students to library materials. When in doubt, please check with Yuliya Lef at or your local campus librarian.

Permalinks in EBSCO Discovery

The most reliable option for providing stable links to students that will work on and off-campus is to use EBSCO Discovery Permalinks. EBSCO Discovery is the virtual library’s portal that provides a single point of access to most of our online databases. Each EBSCO Discovery record includes a Permalink that could be copied and shared with students. Permalink could be used to link to an individual item, an entire journal, or a search results page. When accessing the links, students will be asked to log in with their CMC username and password. Take a look at the screenshot or watch the video tutorial for additional information.

Permalink EBSCO example