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CMC Libraries: Research Tutorials

Library Modules in Canvas Commons

Instructors are encouraged to use Library Modules available in Canvas Commons to integrate research instruction into your courses. Search for "library" in Canvas Commons to locate and copy research instruction modules. Modules cover Scholarly Materials, Citations, Evaluating Information, Academic Integrity, Plagiarism, & Copyright, and include Discipline-Specific Virtual Library tutorials for Sciences, Business, English & Communication, College Composition & Reading, Literature & Humanities, CIS 118 courses. Your feedback is always appreciated. Contact Yuliya Lef at

Research Companion Modules (Developed by ProQuest)

Research Companion

Find Information

  • 01: Where do I start? (4m 50s)
  • 02: How do I choose a topic? (14m 33s)
  • 03: Where do I find information? (16m 59s)
  • Search Aid

Evaluate Information

  • 04: How do I evaluate sources? (21m 57s)
  • 05: What counts as evidence? (16m 05s)
  • Source Evaluation Aid

Use Information

  • 06: How do I write a thesis statement? (11m 15s)
  • 07: How do I organize my argument? (14m 00s)
  • 08: How do I avoid plagiarism and find my own voice? (15m 31s)
  • 09: What do I look for when I revise? (11m 55s)
  • 10: How can I do better next time? (16m 05s)