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CMC Libraries: Research Tutorials

Library Modules in Canvas Commons

Instructors are encouraged to use Library Modules available in Canvas Commons to integrate research tutorials and quizzes into their courses. Search for "library" in Canvas Commons to locate and import research instruction modules.

Research Tutorials

Searching Online Library Collections & Citing Sources
Recommended for all courses

Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Materials
Recommended for courses requiring the use of scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles

Persuasive Essay/Speech Research
Recommended for English Composition and Communication courses

Primary & Secondary Research: Natural, Physical, and Social Sciences
Recommended for natural, physical, and social science courses requiring the use of primary research materials. 

Evaluating Sources
Could be used in any course

Bias, Reporting, & Fake News
Could be used in any course

Narrowing Down a Topic & Developing a Thesis Statement
Recommended for students that are required to write a research paper but haven't taken an English Composition course and are new to the research process.

Academic Integrity, Plagiarism, & Copyright
Recommended for all courses

Citations: Complete MLA Guide
Recommended for English Composition courses