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A guide to the physical spaces available at the CMC Steamboat Campus Library.

What study spaces are available in the Steamboat Campus Library?

  • Room 320 - Tutoring center, and family-friendly study room.
  • Room 321 - Study room for larger groups, computer access, and a Webex enabled space.
  • Study Carrels - Along the west-side windows.  These are small, partitioned desks for quiet work.
  • Private Study Rooms - Three rooms available at the back of the library.  Keys must be checked out, first come, first served.
  • Genius rooms - Two more study areas, no key needed.  These are NOT soundproof.

Computers in the library

The Library has approximately 20 PCs for your use while in the Library, and they are located across Room 321, 3 of our study rooms, and along the windows looking at the awesome view of the ski mountains out to the east and south.  We also have a fancy machine that does copies, scans and color prints, as well as a regular black & white printer.  

You can also check out a computer for the semester if needed, just ask at the front desk.  We have a limited number of computers, and they're first come, first served, so don't delay!

And if that doesn't cover your needs, our campus also has a Mac Lab in the Steamboat Academic Center!   

Where can I play games or hang out in the Steamboat Campus Library?

We've got couches, a beautiful balcony, and some great games.  Come see us for more details!  Retro/old school video games, virtual reality, chess, checkers, Dungeons & Dragons™, board games, puzzles and more.  And the balcony and Library in general are great for hanging out!    

The family friendly study area in BR 320.

Bean bag chairs in front of a book shelf that is filled with children's books and toys.

The computer lab and multipurpose room in BR 321.

Rows of computer-topped desks in a large classroom.

Computers along the east-facing windows in the Steamboat Campus Library.

A row of computers beneath a wall of windows.

The balcony at the Steamboat Campus Library

A balcony with tables, chairs, and sofas, overlooking a scenic mountain valley.

Our retro arcade cabinet with over 400 arcade games.

A small arcade cabinet machine sitting atop a desk.

Study carrels in the library.

A line of partitioned desks in a library.

The genius rooms.

Study rooms with sliding glass doors.

Your Steamboat Campus Library crew is ready to get you to your goals!

Two librarians standing at a circulation desk

We respect and support diversity, peace, and love in all of its forms.

A modern pride flag hanging on white wall.

Check out our collection of international flags which represent all of the students countries who have attended CMC over the years.

Sofas and bookshelves, with country flags hung in the rafters above

Yes, we do hope for this!

A poster of a chicken crossing the road, with the text