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Steamboat Campus Library

Your library is just that - it's your library. We're here to help you succeed in school and in life. We can help you in person, or you can use this guide as a great way to get info from your CMC Steamboat Campus Library. Enjoy!

Steamboat Campus Library Mission Statement

The Colorado Mountain College Steamboat Campus Library embraces the greater vision of Colorado Mountain College: "to be the most inclusive and innovative student-centered college in the nation, elevating the economic, social, cultural, and environmental vitality of our beautiful Rocky Mountain communities."


At the Library, we enact the College's mission with thorough, courteous, professional service and instruction along with access to excellent, extensive resources in multiple formats.  Our support of intellectual freedom, diversity in scholarship, innovation, and lifelong sustainable learning works hand in hand with a proactive dedication to the changing needs and interests of our patron population. 


This powerful combination of actions and beliefs allows the Library to take the extra steps necessary to turn the College's vision into reality.

Patron Code of Conduct & Policies

The Steamboat Campus Library is a great place to be, and by following our Patron Code of Conduct, you can be a part of keeping it that way!  We're not trying to be harsh, but we are serious about this code.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

The Steamboat Campus Library of Colorado Mountain College expects you, as a patron, to: 

  • Respect each other as this space belongs to all of us. 
  • Behave in a way that does not interfere with the operations of the Library or the College.

The following are prohibited in the Library:

  • Talking on your cell phone in the Library or computer labs.
  • There are plenty of places on campus where you can use your cell phone including the library balcony although you must still respect others when doing so on the balcony.
  • Harassment of any kind whether physical, sexual or otherwise.
  • Using abusive or threatening language.
  • Weapons.
  • Using any recreational vehicles (skateboards, bicycles etc…) inside the library.
  • Behaving in a manner disruptive to the library such as:
  • Yelling, fighting, using an audible device without headphones, viewing images that interfere with other’s personal space or their enjoyment of the library, participating in overly engaged displays of affection and any other inappropriate behavior.
  • Intoxication or being under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or illegal drugs.
  • Posing a health or sanitary risk.
  • Smoking of any kind and through any device i.e. e-cigarettes, vaporizers, etc.
  • Frequent and/or excessive personal calls on the Library telephone. 
  • Calls to the Help Desk, short and infrequent school-related calls, and any emergency situation are examples of acceptable uses of the phone.  Patron use of the Library phone is approved upon discretion of the Library staff.

Violations of these policies can result in anything from being asked to leave the library at that particular time to a permanent ban from the library premises. 

The Library staff reserves the right to enforce any and all of these policies.