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  • IRIS – Inquiry Routing and Information System
    IRIS is the Veterans Affairs system to obtain information about military benefits. There are 321 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) and an Ask a Question option. Answers can be found here for such things as education benefits, how to file a Board of Veterans Appeal, toll-free numbers for contacting the VA about benefits and a listing to help locate VA facilities. 
    The site provides online guidance to a variety of federal government benefit programs. Benefits information may be located by state, federal agency, and category. Users answering a lengthy questionnaire on the site can retrieve a list of links to benefits programs for which they may be eligible. One of the goals in their mission statement is to continue to add programs and become the single source for Federal, state and local government benefit programs. A search for “veterans” produces a list of 49 potential programs.
  • eBenefits
  • National Council for Aging
    Guide for veteran seniors.