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Steamboat Campus Library: More About Your Steamboat Campus Library

Your library is just that - it's your library. We're here to help you succeed in school and in life. We can help you in person, or you can use this guide as a great way to get info from your CMC Steamboat Campus Library. Enjoy!

History of the CMC Steamboat Springs Campus

"Miracle on a Mountain" tells the history of our campus in the words of the founder and first president of Yampa Valley College (now the Steamboat Springs Campus of Colorado Mountain College) Lucile "Lucy" Bogue.

The timeline for the Steamboat Springs Campus of CMC was created by one of our very own professors (retired) George Bagwell, and it very nicely complements the book!

Why Libraries Matter

Lots of people ask:  "Doesn't Google replace the library?  Aren't libraries dying??"

Our answer is a resounding no!  The following image perhaps begins to explain why.

Our Services

Here's what your Steamboat Campus Library in Steamboat Springs can do for you!

  • A welcoming, physical place for you to study
  • Skilled librarians to help you sift through the information forest
  • Access to over 30 million - yes, million - items
  • Collections tailored to the programs at CMC's Steamboat Campus such as:
    • Business
    • Sustainability
    • Restaurant & Culinary Management  
  • Access to over 20 computers (mostly PCs and 2 Macs) with wireless throughout the Library
  • Databases for scholarly articles, journals and electronic books
  • DVD and CD collection for your viewing and listening enjoyment
  • Popular and scholarly print magazines for fun and for academics

Steamboat Campus Library Staff


CMC Steamboat Campus Library
1275 Crawford Avenue

Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
Phone:  970-870-4445
Fax:  970-870-4490

Kevin Williams
Library Director

Tracey Urbick
Reference & Instructional Librarian

Jonathan Beam
Library Technician/Interlibrary Loan